Monday, 28 July 2014

Last day teaching at Kaihura pink Primary School.

Class photo with P.6. 85 but still missing a few!

Gave lollies out for my last day.

Playing hangman at a rainy breaktime.

Rainy breaktime.

Saying goodbye.

My time in Uganda is coming to an end and it is my last week in Kaihura at my project. So on Friday I shall be having to say goodbye to the most wonderful friends I have made out here. Just thinking about it makes my eyes water and on Saturday I had to get up and leave my Art Club at Home Again Orphanage for a few minutes to compose myself! It will be so difficult.

I have not written out a blog post before typing it up which I prefer to do or I forget to include things... So I'm going to keep this brief and in August I shall type up a big conclusive blog.

The photos above are of my P.6 class. On my last day there were 85 pupils which was not my full class. 85 is quite an easy number to manage!

It was such a wonderful day. My class sung me songs, I gave out lollies, we took photos, the headteacher said some lovely things about me too. Then as a really special surprise my class had all saved up to buy me a beautiful bag and a necklace which meant so much to me. The whole day made me realise (probably for the first time out here) that I have been out here for quite a long time!! It was odd hearing the words, "Thank you for being a teacher for one year." My life here is so busy all the time that I have never really had the chance to stop and let what is happening around me sink in. So this was the day where it did sink in and I thought of all the work I have done this year, the good times and the difficult times and I felt very proud and very loved by everyone.

I shall write again soon but hope the photos are enough for now!

Love Bella.