Sunday, 29 June 2014

June update.


June started off as an incredible month. I went with quite a few other volunteers to the Nelson Mandela Stadium in Kampala to watch Uganda play Madagascar. In true African style (which is being late for everything) most of the fans turned up at half time! But when they did all arrive the stadium was nearly full. The atmosphere was unlike anything I have ever experienced. Every Ugandan was decked out in the Uganda Cranes football shirts (as were we!) or at least in the ugandan colours with flags, horns, trumpets and facepaint! The stadium was alive with the buzz of the trumpets (think South African world cup noise!). I had a red trumpet and was joining in all the noise. I only saw 2 Madagascar fans. 
This match was also the first football match I have ever watched. I'm happy to say that Uganda won with one goal. When they scored the goal people started spraying beer and water everywhere. It was very funny. We saw all of the players get onto their bus (they do not travel in style! It was a very old battered bus) and one player tried to give me his victory T-shirt out of the bus window but i couldn't quite get close enough because all these people saw and came running and I would have certainly been trampled!
The football match was my favourite day in Uganda. I also got in the newspaper and on the TV! I bought a copy of the paper. There is a good photo in there haha.
Otherwise I have just been in the village teaching and working at the orphanage. My class are still working very hard but they never revise so forget things which is annoying. I do not think they get time to revise as they go home and have to collect water, make a fire, wash clothes and look after younger siblings. It is hard to find a solution. Some do not live near school. They have to walk so far.

Peeling potatoes!
Also this month has been quite overwhelming. I am used to being one of the only white people around, then suddenly all of these short-term volunteers appeared! In total I think around 48!!! I went to home again orphanage and there were so many white people I suddenly felt very shy and didn't really know what to do! I still feel a bit weird to be honest! From being 5 of us to 48 then 53 including us was a shock. And a shock to the village too! One team has moved on now so that's about 19 down and the rest are here for 2 months in total. They are nice but I have not met them all yet. They are from Duke University in America and mostly work up at Steph's school. 
It feels odd saying we have been here for nearly 10 months! We watched the world cup match USA vs. Germany (in a shed. Yes. I watch it in a shed with rats in but it's fantastic!). Now that England are out I'm supporting Germany so I was very outnumbered by all the Americans but when Germany scored the goal it was good fun for me!!

On a sadder note the boarding children who live outside our house killed our cat with sticks... We all got very angry at them and told the children not to talk to us and they didn't like that. So we refused to talk to them for a week then the other day they brought us a new cat. So I think they have understood their wrong doing. I hope so because it is a bit disturbing children killing animals... Jodie and Lauren are going to start teaching Ethics at their school as they clearly do not understand. I went on a rescue mission to find the dead cats kittens so they will get bigger and keep the rats away. All I ever wanted when I was a child was a cat, never got one (I hold no grudge, I really do not like cats any longer) but this year in Uganda I have managed to have 9 cats at one time or another... I actually never liked any of them and I try to remember why I wanted a cat so badly! I probably thought they were cuddly but these ones just hiss and spit at me, meow all night and get into our food cupboard!!

July will be a busy month. It is my last full month in the village. Our good friend Kate who has been in Uganda for just over a year is leaving very very soon, that will make us all very sad! Then we just have a lot going on but it is good to be busy. 

I myself, do not have that much time left in Uganda so am trying to make the most of it. Yet we are all running out of energy a bit but we shall keep pushing till the end!

I hope the sun has come out in the UK! It is the British Grand Prix next week and I am very sad to not be there but I have already saved up for my ticket for next year so I shall look forward to that!!

Love Bella.
Amooti. X

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