Monday, 24 March 2014

March Update

Hello everyone!

Believe it or not, it has been quite cold here in the past few weeks. I have often had to wear a jersey which is a bit unfamiliar to me! Realistically it's probably not even cold - I'm just used to being hot all of the time! I have no idea how I'm going to cope with the weather back in England...

The last month has mainly consisted of me being busy teaching, trying to improve my cooking skills then usually being stranded in the house due to consistent rain! So when it is raining we all end up washing clothes (I'm an excellent hand washer now!), cleaning the house or I tend to make lesson plans and have been making a lot of "How to draw..." sheets for my art club.

There are some painting projects that I want to start at Home Again but as of yet I have not been successful as it rains all afternoon and the stuff I want to do is outside... So I shall have to wait for the dry season!

Teaching is going well. I finally reached 100 pupils in my class - still 8 short of a full class though. My class are amazing and make teaching a lot more enjoyable as they work so hard. They did their mid-term exams last week and I had to mark the English exams (not fun!). There was a mixture of marks but I then saw what marks they got in science and realised that English is definitely their best subject. Their marks were so much higher. So I relaxed a tiny bit after that. I feel bad for all Ugandan children though as the exams BARELY relate to anything we are told to teach them. Even I struggled with some answers and they are such random and open ended questions but there is only one correct answer... Made me realise even more how lucky we all are with our education. It is a fair exam system in the UK unlike here...
What I do like about the culture in Uganda when it comes to school is that if your students are enjoying your classes you tend to get gifts of food! Two weeks ago I got 7 avocados, 1 mushroom and something like 30 guavas! Then in general through out my year I have been given a lot of food! 

What else?

I met the Toro Kings brother... So I met a prince... He liked my earrings..!

I have suddenly become very clumsy and keep falling/ tripping over... Which reminds me, I arrived at school in the rain and slipped in the mud and fell on my bum in front of about 200 children at my school! No one laughed which surprised me and my class cheered and gave me a standing ovation when I entered my classroom!!

On the 1st April I would have been here for 7 months. Weeks fly by when your teaching.

In about a space of a week three Ugandans who apparently live locally got killed by getting hit by buses... Honestly they go SOOOO fast. Something needs to get done about speed limits here!!

You have all probably heard about the law being passed about gay couples. Here if you are gay it is seen as a defect and something very negative. I've spoken to many, many Ugandans about it and I have not yet met someone who thinks it is ok to be gay. As they have put it "I'd rather die than be gay". Uganda is a very frustrating country to live in sometimes.......

Also the Ugandan government passed a law that has now made mini skirts and leggings illegal and if any woman has her knees showing you risk getting arrested or as I've heard, stripped-down on the street, which I feel would only expose the knees more...   So, what can I say, it's great to see where the Government's priorities lie............    

My family are coming to Uganda soon to visit me! I'm looking forward to seeing their reactions to Ugandan things that used to baffle me but now seem very normal!

The 2014 Formula 1 season has started so of course I'm over the moon! At least I will get to watch the last half of the season this year!!

Hope all is well wherever you are reading this from.

Love Bella. Xxx