Friday, 28 February 2014

February update

Hello all,

Sorry I have not updated my blog in ages, I'm trying to be careful with my money so haven't travelled anywhere with an internet cafe!

So what has happened in February? 

Someone came and replaced my make-shift water pipe with a real water pipe. I was a bit sad but the water pressure has improved!
Then our gas for cooking ran out before we got paid but luckily our friend Kate helped us out and we ate at her house for a week!

On the 3rd February we all started teaching. I am still teaching P.6 and February is the start of a new school year in Uganda so I have a lovely new class who are keen to learn and are well behaved. Last term I had 92, this term I have 108 but as of yet the most that have turned up are 99 so not quite 100 yet! 

Apart from teaching we have all just been in Kaihura. I'm starting some painting projects at Home Again Orphanage but unfortunately rainy season has just started so I did not pick my timing very well...

Today I witnessed some incredible forked lightning. The other girls were oohhing and aahing but for some unknown reason I have quite a bad fear of thunder and lightning (I know, im 19, not cool) so I was just standing there slightly freaking out... If you have seen the second Hunger Games film picture the lightening hitting the tree. It was like that...

In my last post Im pretty sure I moaned about a load of house pets. The good news is that the kittens learnt to adventure so left the house and didn't come back!!! :D I was thrilled. We have seen them around the village though. The bad news is one of the dogs got run over in front of our eyes... It was quite horrid! So we now have one. I still say I dont want a pet dog but after that incident I was hardly going to make them get rid of the other!! They haven't house trained him but Ive trained him to not come in my room and not to jump on me so really its not much of an issue. 

This month was my 19th birthday. The girls got me some lovely fabric which I have taken to the workshop to get made into a shirt. The day was pretty normal with teaching etc but we made pancakes and Steph bought me a lemon from the market which literally made. my. day!!! You can't get lemons in Kaihura so to have lemon on my pancakes made the day very special!!! And Lauren made me a chocolate birthday cake
! We cooked a good supper and I also got given a Kest soda which is my favourite Ugandan soda. It's like Schwepps bitter lemon but better! So a good birthday.

Otherwise February has not been anything out of the ordinary, we are now just back into the routine.

However we sadly lost a lively, lovely little girl called Juliet. She passed away at the beginning of February. She was a girl from Home Again, 10 years old. She was always so positive and happy even though she was ill. We could all learn a lot from her positive outlook on life. I feel privileged to have had 5 months with her.
Then secondly I have heard sad news of a boy in the year below me at Wymondham who so sadly was in an accident. I did not know him that well but he always had a happy vibe to him around the boarding house and was hard not to notice because of it, so I'm very sorry for his loss. I am thinking of everyone back in Lincoln House.

Tomorrow I would have been living in Uganda for exactly 6 months which I don't think has sunk in yet... What an enriching, crazy and challenging 6 months it has been!!!

Hope all is well in England. 

Love Bella.
Amooti xxx

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