Saturday, 7 December 2013

Photos, photos, photos...

Lunch at the baby house.

Kaihura Pink Primary School.

Playing with Mercy.

Jodie with little Margaret.

Joshia wants to play!

Typical meal, lots of veg!

Yam. Probably the worst thing I have had to eat here. Not a fan...

Uganda's national bird.

Steph and Sam.

A fairly inaccurate map of Kaihura but maybe it will give you a rough idea of where I am based!

Steph's bedroom door.

My bedroom door. Can you tell I like Formula 1...! ;)

Lauren's room. We are all still unsure why she has labled herself as Satan...

Jodies room.


Jodie with Margaret and a baby of 4 days old.

Me with Mercy and Margaret.

Play time!


  1. WOW Bella amazing photos...Love the pineapple, didn't realise it was such a small plant and grew in the middle, thought it grew from a tree!! Loving the pictures of the children and your doors all designed on. It looks an incredible experience...just amazing. you look so well and happy, hope you have sorted your foot out and its all clean!! big kiss from us all in Scotland. Johnny Lulie Emily Annabel and Harry

    1. Hi! Haha yes the pinapples are tiny when they grow! Im proud of my door design :D Glad you like the photos :) xx