Thursday, 28 November 2013

Term One Complete. Travels begin!

So currently I am in Jinja at the Nile River Camp as all of us had to meet here for our Induction with Project Trust. It has been the first time that all of us (the Ugandan volunteers) have met together since Day 1 and the change in us all is very noticeable! We all take no nonsense from Uganda and no one was going to pay more for anything as we know the local prices. We are all very confident and had many stories to tell! 

I was meant to be white water rafting the River Nile today but I had a bad spider bite and my foot has hugely swollen but is on the mend so I have been left with an iPhone which is far too technicologically advanced for me... But it means I can for the first time since being here in Uganda have a day to myself and RELAX!!!! I'm honestly exhausted. 

On my last day teaching my P.6 class I bought them all lollies and they were over the moon. I was sad to say goodbye to my class as most will be moving up to P.7 next year so I will have a new class.

So the photo attached is of the River Nile at sunrise. It's very beautiful and I will have to go rafting another day! 

MOST INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE... I HAD MY FIRST HOT SHOWER IN THREE MONTHS!!!!!!! It was incredible!!! Also the other day I walked up some STAIRS! I found a two story building! Such a novelty! Haha I must sound crazy!

So I have nearly been here for 3 months and wow I feel like I have done so much. Highlights would be the Home Again Orphanage, making some incredible friends and experiencing the culture like I never imagined!! There are many highlights but I find typing on an iPhone difficult so maybe I'll be more in depth another day!

So my plans for the next two months...

Travelling around with a few PT vols yet we have no firm plans then maybe visiting some other Vols projects, on the 14th I will be back in Kaihura for a wedding then down to Kabale to see more Vols projects then Christmas at Home Again Orphanage then I'm not sure! 

Hope all is well.
Bella, Amooti xx

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