Friday, 11 October 2013

Teaching 90+ Students

I have completed my first 2 weeks being a teacher for the first time as my school is no longer on strike! I expected it to be very daunting as on my first day I was teaching 70ish (as not all the children made it due to heavy rain) students but suprisingly it wasn't. On the first Monday I walked into my classroom with around 40 students and thought that it wouldn't be too bad then for the next few minutes there was just a train of students coming through the door! There are 4 or 5 children to one desk which is quite a squish.

I teach at Kaihura Pink Primary school and teach P.6 which is a very mixed age group. Some are a lot younger and other older. My name is now Madam Bella which I don't like too much and shall not be keeping when I get back to the UK!! When I enter a classroom the children clap for me which at first was just embarrassing and they don't do it much anymore!

P.6 are a good class and work hard. Here in Uganda we are in Term 3 so they are about to sit their exams. They are also a very well behaved class so that is very nice. I do not have any problems with them. I share my classes with the other P.6 teacher who is called Patrick and he is so nice and buys me bread at break time.

So I arrive at school at 8am and start teaching around 9ish... It's never exact!So far I have not started teaching Art but have just been teaching English. English here is very different to the English we learn in the UK. It is very much based around the Ugandan way of living. For example, the last two weeks I have been teaching English around the topic of carpentry and now I know lots about Tools! Teaching isn't something I yet really enjoy but I think in time I will. I spend the majority of my time marking 92 English books then 92 of Patrick's maths books. Every single day! It is exhausting but I enjoy marking them as it is satisfying for me when they get good marks in the topic I am teaching. And now I no longer cringe with squeaky chalk on blackboards. It's just part of everyday life!!

Aside from teaching we are all still very busy but cannot fit as much time in our days for other things. We still visit the older children at Kaihura Parents Secondary School and I have seen the younger children a few times. They make me smile so much.
Jodie and Lauren had a hilarious shower in the rain and thunder last week and our friend Charles from the cafe is being his odd usual self. He says things that are normal (apparently) for Ugandan people to say but we just think is rather odd! For example the other day he offered to cut Jodie's toe nails than told us he would climb a tree to get us a Jackfruit. I think he means well! Also as we at the cafe we turned around to see a public taxi with a coffin tied with string to the roof... Typical Uganda...

On Wednesday it was Ugandan Independence Day and we got the day of teaching. We made delicious pancakes then watched a football match - Kaihura vs. Kampala. Unfortunately we lost.

Internet about to die so bye for now!!! xx

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