Sunday, 1 September 2013

Today's the Day!

I never really thought that this day would come. It's just been a date in the distance but now it is the 1st September and there is nothing I can do about it!

So today 23 of us will be flying to Entebbe, arriving early tomorrow morning, Uganda time! We will then be picked up by our overseas representative Ian and be taken to Kampala. From then on I'm not entirely sure what we will be doing. For sure we will have to go and see our doctor, sort out our visas and find a Ugandan Sim Card for our phones. Then on the 3rd we will all disperse to our separate projects with just under a week to settle in and then I believe we start teaching on the 9th.

I am very excited and still can't really believe i'm leaving today. It's been just over a year that I have been signed up with Project Trust so I must be ready now!!

I would like to thank every single person who has contributed some way to my soon to be year in Uganda:

  • Through donations for my year or for the 160 mile bicycle ride my sister and I did - which have been so generous and I wouldn't have managed to raise all the money without these donations. Really a massive thank you. 
  • I would like to thank all of the Charitable Trusts who have supported me with donations. I will be very happy to give a report to all of those who have asked for it and the Trusts which haven't asked for a report I will be making some sort of documents when I get back to send to each of you anyway.
  • To my school Wymondham College for being so generous to have awarded me with the Travel Bursary. I was and still am so happy to have been chosen for it and it is great knowing that I am going to Uganda with the support of my school behind me!
  • To all the people who have offered advice and said I can approach them with questions. Project Trust seemed to have that sorted so I haven't had any unanswered questions but all the same, thank you for the offer!
  • My friends have had to deal with me non-stop talking about Uganda since August last year and have had to deal with me being over excited then swing the other way and have a melt down... I will miss you all!
  • Then my family! Especially Georgina for doing the 160 mile bicycle ride and as you may remember me saying from previous posts, if it wasn't for her there was no way I was ever going to get on a bicycle and start training!! Charlie for being amazing at helping pack my rucksack for Uganda. Don't know how he managed to fit it all in. I say he "helped" it would be more accurate to say he just did it! I watched..! To Dad for actually letting me go on Selection as it took some persuading. Also for the various raffles he did and helping spread news of my bicycle ride. Then of course my mother! The hours she has spent helping is crazy. Right from the start she checked and double checked my letters and flyers, kept a count of the fundraising, filed EVERYTHING which I now help doing! Listening to me talk and talk about Uganda when I know sometimes she just doesn't want to hear a story I had probably already told her. Then more recently the chaos of buying clothes and little things for teaching etc etc. We have been very busy in the last month. 
So as you can see I have had a lot of help with my year and it is now time to go off to Uganda and do it by myself. (Not completely as I have my three Project Partners and Project Trust!) However it will be me in Uganda having to make every decision for myself. 

I am very keen to keep this blog updated as much as possible but I just do not know when I will be able to get internet access... However when I do find internet my priority will be to let you all know what I am doing and how I am getting on.

Again, my nearest post office is:

Bella Watson,
Villa Maria,
PO Box 214,
Fort Portal,

Only a few hours left in the UK! 

Bye for now and who knows when I will next get to write..! Thank you for all of the support.

I'm about to go and live my childhood dream of going to Africa!

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  1. Hi Bella, we have heard a little news from home. How is it all going? Its sounding amazing...Thinking of you all from Scotland. Big kiss and take care. Love L J E A and H xxxxx