Tuesday, 13 August 2013

It's been 1 year!

Wow, this time last year I was on my first day of Selection at Project Trust! Crazy to think what a different path my life has taken since! And now only 19 days until my 12 months in Uganda..!

This one decision to go on the Project Trust Selection Course has hugely shaped my life. The plan was that I was meant to go to Art College straight after Sixth Form but I was just so captured by the talk Project Trust did at my school that I had to at least give Selection a go! For sure, with only 19 days to go I'm having days where I am ridiculously excited and other days where I am getting cold feet but that is just due to nerves! Once we are all out there and I have had a few days getting used to teaching I'm hoping I will be having a fantastic time, getting involved in many things.

Already, before even going overseas to Uganda, I have benefitted so much from being signed up with Project Trust. I have become so much more confident and have gained a lot of skills. I cannot wait to see what I have learnt next year.

It is a scary thought what I am about to do but I have been talking to a past Ugandan volunteer who has been so helpful and answering all my silly questions! Talking about it has made me nervous but excited.

If anybody wants to write, the post doesn't go to where I live so I have to pick it up whenever I visit Fort Portal (which I will occasionally!)

So the address to use is:

Bella Watson
Villa Maria,
PO Box 214,
Fort Portal,

I cannot promise that post will get to me, apparently the Ugandan post system is pretty unreliable! However if I do receive post I will make an effort to write back, I just don't know how often I will be able to get access into Fort Portal.

Talk soon!

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