Sunday, 25 August 2013

1 Week to go..!

7 days left in England then 12 months in Uganda!
I'm still having trouble getting my head around this fact, it does't yet feel real so I'm sure I will get a shock when I get off the airplane at Entebbe and realise that it is in actual fact, very real!

Not much to say at present really, I have just been very busy getting organised and checking, double checking and triple checking that I have got everything that I need to take with me. I have also spent this last week meeting up with my best friends and spending a last time with them before 12 months away from them. Thankfully it wasn't too emotional saying goodbye to them as rather than them being sad to not see me for 12 months, they were just so excited for me as they have spent the last year watching me fundraise and learning more about Uganda.

So how am I feeling? It varies hugely day to day! Today I'm feeling pretty relaxed about it but yesterday I was massively freaking out - trying to imagine myself teaching classes of 40+. Luckily I was home alone so no one could see me freak out!! Taking away the nervousness and my slight worrying about being a teacher in a couple of weeks, I'm incredibly excited and am happy knowing that I have made the right decision to take a year out to teach and help benefit the younger population of Uganda in their eduction. I am excited about meeting my classes and getting to know them, I am really looking forward to getting to know my 3 Project Partners better but most of all I'm looking forward to experiencing Uganda and the culture it holds as this was one of my main motivations to go to Africa.

I have no intention of sitting on the sideline whilst in Uganda and am fully looking forward to getting involved in any opportunity that presents itself in the teaching aspect and the community aspect.

I do feel prepared for Uganda but really, I'm not quite sure what to expect. Uganda will be the opposite of England in almost every way and having never left Europe or done much travelling, I have no past experiences or knowledge of foreign countries to relate too. However I think this adds to the adventure.

Today is the last Formula 1 Grand Prix I will be able to watch for 12 months... For anyone who knows me well, they will know this is a big deal! Some people like Football, some people like Rugby or Athletics but I am a huge Formula 1 fan and I honestly don't know what I am going to do without it for 12 months. There are many different things that everyone will miss when overseas but for me it is definitely Formula 1! 

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