Wednesday, 17 July 2013



Now that I have the pressure of fundraising off my shoulders I have been focusing on learning about Uganda and Africa. A huge amount of Uganda's history is horrific and hugely shocking to read, especially in the days of Idi Amin... Thankfully Uganda seems to be changing for the better and has had a certain amount of stability in the past few decades however the government and ruling there today is still not 100% happy and accepted by all Ugandan people and the last election was won by 65%.

On Friday I will be travelling up to Oban to stay at a youth hostel and to then get the ferry to Coll the next morning for my Training. I am really looking forward to Training as unlike Selection where I did not know anybody, this time I know a few people and it has been a year since I saw them so it will be so amazing to be reunited!

My ferry leaves at 7:00am but we have to be there at least an hour before hand so it will be a nice early start! We have been told to have breakfast on the ferry as our Training Programme starts immediately when we arrive at Project Trust. I have no doubt that it will a very fun week but I am also very aware that it is going to be an intense one. Selection was hard work and we hardly had any free time so I'm sure Training will be just as busy.

A few of my Project Trust friends who are going to different countries have already been on their Training Courses have said it was so much fun and they are even more excited about leaving for their countries but it was, "The hardest week of their life" and "Bloody challenging - I need a nap!" So lets see how it goes!

For the majority of us I think we are mostly looking forward to/ slightly nervous about meeting the people we will be partnered up with. It is strange to think that we have been matched  up with people that we will be spending every day with for the next 12 months. However I am very excited to meet whoever I am going with!

There is no wireless internet on Coll so I will only be able to tell you about my Training when I get back although after Coll I am going to on holiday to Scotland so not sure when I will have a computer!

Thank you again to everyone who has supported me. Only 46 days until I leave!!!

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