Sunday, 7 July 2013

Finished my fundraising!


Today has been the day that I never believed would come!

I have reached my target of £5,400!
It is a phenomenal feeling and the thought of no more fundraising is very nice, meaning that I can put 100% effort into researching Uganda and getting ready for Training.

I cannot thank you all enough for the support, I could have never done this by myself. £5,400 is such a huge number!

Also today is a good day as Sebastian Vettel won his home Grand Prix and Andy Murray won Wimbledon!! :) What a day! 

Thank you all so much!

Bella. x


  1. Hi Bella

    Congratulations on reaching your target, that's such an amazing achievement you must be so so pleased!

    I'm looking forward to hearing all about your time in Uganda. I didn't know you'd met Vettle, how did you manage that? I'm very jealous!

    Miss Thorpe

  2. Hi Miss Thorpe,

    Thank you it is such a relief to have it finished!! I'm so excited for Uganda.

    I know I can hardly believe it myself!!!! I went into the inside of the track on the Friday of the Grand Prix and walked to the outside of the Paddock and met some people who said the drivers would come out at some point so hung around for AGES, met loads of drivers which was incredible... then Vettel came out last and not many people were around anymore. So yes, went a bit crazy! Dream come true!

    Thanks for reading my blog :) I'm missing art block already...