Friday, 19 July 2013

About to leave for Oban!!

Just about to leave for my 9 hour train journey to Oban. Luckily I have found someone I went on Selection with who is also going on ALL of the same trains as me so that is great!

I really am very excited about meeting everyone, it will be lovely to know the two girls I will be spending 12 months with and all the other Ugandan volunteers who no doubt we shall see occasionally in the year when we meet up at weekends or for travelling!

All was running smoothly this morning until I did up my rucksack and the straps just popped off. I hadn't even fastened them so there was a bit of panic and "emergency rucksack repair" with the sewing machine but all is well now!

I arrive into Oban at roughly 9:30pm tonight. I'm hoping that the trains are air conditioned!

Bye for now. 

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