Monday, 1 July 2013

2 months to go!


It is the 1st of July today which means... 2 MONTHS UNTIL UGANDA!!

I cannot believe how fast it is approaching. It is a very good thing that it is approaching but it always feels that the day will never actually come. It always feels to far in the distance but not any more! I have got so much to do before I leave so time to get serious.

However before I get serious I cannot help myself but share with you a small snippet of my life away from getting ready for Uganda. I am a MASSIVE Formula 1 fan and yesterday I got back from the 2013 British Grand Prix which I must say, was the best weekend of my life! Reason being that just being around Formula 1 cars is the most exciting thing ever but also I met my favourite driver in the WHOLE world on Friday and I never thought I would ever be lucky enough to meet him but I did. (After quite a few hours hanging around outside the paddock!!)

Me meeting Sebastian Vettel.
My favourite driver in the whole world!
A Triple Champion in Formula 1.
I met Sebastian Vettel and i'm pretty sure it will be the highlight of my life forever, I really am in awe of him! He was really friendly and let me have a photo with him as well as giving me his autograph. Amazing! Literally a dream come true! He even made a joke about my height but them again, racing drivers are quite short anyway! :)

I pretty much met all the drivers except about for about 3 and I also met some of the Team Principles and Susie Wolff who is the most promising woman to become the first ever female Formula 1 driver. She is the Williams Formula 1 Test Driver at the moment. I find her very inspiring. 

Anyway, I could go on forever about all the amazing drivers I met but this is not a Formula 1 blog so I shall stop but I couldn't contain myself from saying a little about it! Sorry if you don't like Motorsport, this must have been very boring to read...

Susie Wolff! Williams Test Driver.

On Wednesday I am going to Norwich library to find as many books that I can get my hands on about Uganda as I really need to get some more knowledge on the country, its past, its culture, economy, politics etc.

As amazing as the internet is everything is quite repetitive so i'm hoping to find some good books. 

I want to make sure I know a lot so that when I go for my Training on the 20th-24th July I don't sound unknowledgeable not knowing much about Uganda...

Also on Wednesday I have my last Rabies injection then I have one more Hepatitis injection in August then i'm all done! I can't wait, all year I have had people stabbing me with needles.......... Not much fun...!

Speak soon and thank you for all of the support!

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