Monday, 29 July 2013

My Project.

My Project Trust Partners. 4 of us!!

I have now completed my Training for Uganda on the Isle of Coll with Project Trust.

It was such a fun week but absolutely exhausting!! I will tell you more in detail about Training in another blog post but for now I want to tell you about my Project because if I tell you both it will be an information overload!

So as we already know I am going to be living and teaching in Kyenjojo, West Uganda.

I will be teaching Upper Primary and Lower Secondary school students English and Art. I was under the impression that they spoke fairly good English - I was wrong! Turns out they hardly know any English at all and it will be my job to get them to be learning English and to stop speaking Rutorro, which is their local language. I also hope to pick up a bit of Rutorro and try to learn some! It will be strange entering classes where they will be speaking their own language and I will not understand.

The school is very basic and does not have any fancy facilities. It will be up to me to teach these children with the most basic resources which could be a little more challenging in the art lessons but I am so excited for the challenge. Past volunteers are very imaginative and have used rice sacks, cut them open, cleaned them and use them for paper etc to paint on so it will be about using what I have around me. This will be very good practice for when I go to Art College and am on a budget! I will by then be good at using surrounding materials to work from rather than buying everything.

I am working in the Kaihuira Pink school by myself which at first i'm sure, will be a bit daunting but I love the thought that everything I achieve there will be my own achievement. It is a ten minute walk from my house. Jodie and Lauren are working in the same school (situated just behind our house) in the same classroom as they have HUGE classes! I have classes of 40. Then Steph is working in a school which is a 40 minute walk away. So we shall not really see each other in the day time but will see each other in the evenings. 

I believe I will be working quite long hours but cannot be completely sure until I arrive.

So much more to tell but as I said I do not want to tell you everything in one post otherwise it will all blur into one!

Talk soon.

Friday, 19 July 2013

About to leave for Oban!!

Just about to leave for my 9 hour train journey to Oban. Luckily I have found someone I went on Selection with who is also going on ALL of the same trains as me so that is great!

I really am very excited about meeting everyone, it will be lovely to know the two girls I will be spending 12 months with and all the other Ugandan volunteers who no doubt we shall see occasionally in the year when we meet up at weekends or for travelling!

All was running smoothly this morning until I did up my rucksack and the straps just popped off. I hadn't even fastened them so there was a bit of panic and "emergency rucksack repair" with the sewing machine but all is well now!

I arrive into Oban at roughly 9:30pm tonight. I'm hoping that the trains are air conditioned!

Bye for now. 

Wednesday, 17 July 2013



Now that I have the pressure of fundraising off my shoulders I have been focusing on learning about Uganda and Africa. A huge amount of Uganda's history is horrific and hugely shocking to read, especially in the days of Idi Amin... Thankfully Uganda seems to be changing for the better and has had a certain amount of stability in the past few decades however the government and ruling there today is still not 100% happy and accepted by all Ugandan people and the last election was won by 65%.

On Friday I will be travelling up to Oban to stay at a youth hostel and to then get the ferry to Coll the next morning for my Training. I am really looking forward to Training as unlike Selection where I did not know anybody, this time I know a few people and it has been a year since I saw them so it will be so amazing to be reunited!

My ferry leaves at 7:00am but we have to be there at least an hour before hand so it will be a nice early start! We have been told to have breakfast on the ferry as our Training Programme starts immediately when we arrive at Project Trust. I have no doubt that it will a very fun week but I am also very aware that it is going to be an intense one. Selection was hard work and we hardly had any free time so I'm sure Training will be just as busy.

A few of my Project Trust friends who are going to different countries have already been on their Training Courses have said it was so much fun and they are even more excited about leaving for their countries but it was, "The hardest week of their life" and "Bloody challenging - I need a nap!" So lets see how it goes!

For the majority of us I think we are mostly looking forward to/ slightly nervous about meeting the people we will be partnered up with. It is strange to think that we have been matched  up with people that we will be spending every day with for the next 12 months. However I am very excited to meet whoever I am going with!

There is no wireless internet on Coll so I will only be able to tell you about my Training when I get back although after Coll I am going to on holiday to Scotland so not sure when I will have a computer!

Thank you again to everyone who has supported me. Only 46 days until I leave!!!

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Finished my fundraising!


Today has been the day that I never believed would come!

I have reached my target of £5,400!
It is a phenomenal feeling and the thought of no more fundraising is very nice, meaning that I can put 100% effort into researching Uganda and getting ready for Training.

I cannot thank you all enough for the support, I could have never done this by myself. £5,400 is such a huge number!

Also today is a good day as Sebastian Vettel won his home Grand Prix and Andy Murray won Wimbledon!! :) What a day! 

Thank you all so much!

Bella. x

Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Today I literally got so many books from the library! Mostly on Uganda's history and culture but I'm sure I will come across a lot of other information too.

I also got some books on African Art so I can learn about the background as their art is so different to English Art.

Also... big news...

£56 to go!!! 

I just cannot believe it... Thank you so much to everybody who has supported me. I'm practically speechless. This must be my shortest blog entry since I started...!

Monday, 1 July 2013

2 months to go!


It is the 1st of July today which means... 2 MONTHS UNTIL UGANDA!!

I cannot believe how fast it is approaching. It is a very good thing that it is approaching but it always feels that the day will never actually come. It always feels to far in the distance but not any more! I have got so much to do before I leave so time to get serious.

However before I get serious I cannot help myself but share with you a small snippet of my life away from getting ready for Uganda. I am a MASSIVE Formula 1 fan and yesterday I got back from the 2013 British Grand Prix which I must say, was the best weekend of my life! Reason being that just being around Formula 1 cars is the most exciting thing ever but also I met my favourite driver in the WHOLE world on Friday and I never thought I would ever be lucky enough to meet him but I did. (After quite a few hours hanging around outside the paddock!!)

Me meeting Sebastian Vettel.
My favourite driver in the whole world!
A Triple Champion in Formula 1.
I met Sebastian Vettel and i'm pretty sure it will be the highlight of my life forever, I really am in awe of him! He was really friendly and let me have a photo with him as well as giving me his autograph. Amazing! Literally a dream come true! He even made a joke about my height but them again, racing drivers are quite short anyway! :)

I pretty much met all the drivers except about for about 3 and I also met some of the Team Principles and Susie Wolff who is the most promising woman to become the first ever female Formula 1 driver. She is the Williams Formula 1 Test Driver at the moment. I find her very inspiring. 

Anyway, I could go on forever about all the amazing drivers I met but this is not a Formula 1 blog so I shall stop but I couldn't contain myself from saying a little about it! Sorry if you don't like Motorsport, this must have been very boring to read...

Susie Wolff! Williams Test Driver.

On Wednesday I am going to Norwich library to find as many books that I can get my hands on about Uganda as I really need to get some more knowledge on the country, its past, its culture, economy, politics etc.

As amazing as the internet is everything is quite repetitive so i'm hoping to find some good books. 

I want to make sure I know a lot so that when I go for my Training on the 20th-24th July I don't sound unknowledgeable not knowing much about Uganda...

Also on Wednesday I have my last Rabies injection then I have one more Hepatitis injection in August then i'm all done! I can't wait, all year I have had people stabbing me with needles.......... Not much fun...!

Speak soon and thank you for all of the support!