Thursday, 20 June 2013

Day 3. 160 Miles Complete!

160 Miles Completed!
We did it!

Over our 3 days Georgina and I completed a strenuous 160 miles around Norfolk.

It is very satisfying to have now finished our bicycle ride and it feels like a real achievement as I have never done something like this before.

As I have previously mentioned I am not a huge fan on activities that include too much exercise so to train for the ride actually go through with it has been very good for me!

A huge thank you to my sister Georgina for completing it with me and thank you to my mum for making sure we had enough food and drink when we needed it!

Today was meant to rain all day but it seems that luck was on our side and it only rained once in the afternoon and it wasn't even heavy rain so we can't complain.

There were not as many hills today which was great but it also means that there was not so much free-wheeling!

It was nice when we got about 10 miles from home and actually knew the way instead of having to map read and our dog Tangle ran the last half mile with us which was impressive as she takes after me and does not enjoy running!

This time next month I will be up of the Isle of Coll with all the other Ugandan volunteers, getting to know them and meeting the 2 girls I will be living with in Kyenjojo and most importantly, learning how to use my skills to be a good teacher! I am very excited about this as it will help me feel prepared to leave on the 1st September and also, Project Trust are just so warm and welcoming and my Selection Course was so fantastic and the Training should be even better, so I am really looking forward to being there again! I will also get to meet my Desk Officer who is in charge of Uganda and a main point of contact for when I am over there. I have spoken to her on the phone but it will be really nice to meet her. Also a girl (Jessica!) who was on my Selection Course also got chosen for Uganda and although she is living and working elsewhere in Uganda I am very much looking forward to seeing her again as we have spoken a lot through the past year and got through the fundraising together!

I know I keep saying it but I really really mean it, thank you SO much for all of the support! It is so heart warming to know that so many people are interested in my up-coming 12 months in Uganda and have supported me and my sister with our 160 mile bicycle ride.

I cannot believe that I am now over £5000! I literally have been dreaming of this day since August 2012. It is a beautiful feeling... I am so nearly at £5400 I could cry with happiness.

I promise I shall try my very hardest to keep my year up-dated in Uganda, it is just the difficulty of finding internet out there! THANK YOU to everybody who has supported me!

Scroll down for more photos.

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