Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Day 2 Complete.

Another day finished! We did 50 miles today which means so far we have completed 110 miles and tomorrow we need to do another 50 then we will be done!

Today the main places that we cycled through were Barningham (where we started), Cromer, Gresham, Felbrigg, Mundsley, Happisburgh, Sea Palling, Hemsby and ended at Caister-On-Sea.

Cromer was chaotic! It was our first encounter with very busy impatient traffic. Most of our bicycle route was on the National Cycle Route so it was easy to find where we were going as there were blue signs everywhere but in Cromer it was a bit confusing. There was so much traffic that we could not even see where the signs were so had to do a bit on foot as to not hold up the traffic finding out which way was the right way. Then going out of Cromer there was a very large hill! After this the rest of the day seemed quite calm.

We are both definitely better at going up hills, a lot faster! It has been an exhausting day but the places we went through were quite pretty and it was nice being by the sea.

Thank you so much for all of the support, it is getting us through the miles!

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