Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Day 1 Complete.

So Day 1 is complete!

Today we cycled a huge 60 miles! It was meant to be 55 but we over shot it a bit...

The weather started out very nice for cycling - cloudy, not too sunny and quite warm.

We started our bicycle ride in Sporle and cycled through many different places. I have not got the map in front of me so cannot be very specific... I shall give a more detailed description about our whereabouts tomorrow. However one of the first roads we encountered was awful. It was a series of steep hills one after the other, up and down and up and down. We managed them though! 

After about 23 miles I think it was, we stopped at the Sedgeford King William IV pub. We were planning on stopping for lunch somewhere is Burnham Market which was about 9 miles on but the weather started getting very hot so we thought by the time we had lunch it would have cooled down a bit. We had some delicious paninis!

The afternoon shift got a bit cold and it also rained a little bit but not a lot. I just wish I had windscreen wipers on my glasses! Apparently it is going to rain so much on Thursday which is not ideal.

Georgina was in charge of map reading and we didn't get lost once so well done to her! It was really nice to be doing the bicycle ride with her too. So thank you Georgina.

The whole day wasn't as bad as I expected and I think it was becuase our leg muscles started to get used to the hills so they were not as challenging as they had been when we started in the morning. That said, the last 10 miles was a bit sore! Georgina has a bit of a sore shoulder and my back hurts a little but that is probably just because I am so tall... So no injuries which is great! 

The roads were not that busy but we did come across a rather large tractor on a very narrow road.

Also we had a rather funny moment where we were cycling then these 2 ladies came out on their bikes in front of us, both wearing blue so it felt rather competitive. Pink vs blue. They were rather slow so we overtook but it felt quite awkward! Later we we up against two cyclists in yellow, then two rather fast and serious looking cyclists in red and black. Then just as we were getting to the top of a rather steep hill so were not looking great, 4 very fast and professional looking men absolutely whizzed past us which was very embarrassing but very funny and Georgina was laughing her head off about it!

A highlight of our day was the horse that looked like a cow. Exciting, I know.

So a good first day but I will admit I am very sleepy now. We had a delicious meal at a friends so am feeling nicely full up! Also they have an incredible shower...

I am sure we will have a few aches tomorrow on the bikes but we have not as far to cycle tomorrow. Hooray!

Lastly thanks to our mum who after a certain amount of distance will give us drinks and snacks to keep us going. Very helpful. Although I was not happy about the extra 5 miles we had to do... I'm over it now.

Thank you so so so so much for all the support! Everyone who has supported us, you are AMAZING! It is the only way I am staying on my bike. Also a comment on my Virgin Money Giving page was very helpful, "Pedal through the pain." Indeed we have and will continue too! 

I shall up-date you all tomorrow if we get internet at the B&B. Hopefully we do get it there. 

If you would like to support me and Georgina on our 160 mile bicycle ride please visit my page and I will be most grateful! 


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