Wednesday, 1 May 2013

My Project is in Kaihuira! West Uganda.

I have exciting information!!! Have a read of these!

So this is my project! I will be living and working in Kaihuira, at the Pink Primary School in the Kyenjojo District in West Uganda!

I do not know much about the area at the moment but I will be researching it a lot obviously. Then I will up-date and let you all know about it but I just wanted to let you all know what I know about my project so far. 

I hope it makes you as excited as I am feeling right now! I have been waiting since August for this!

Also, I am incredibly happy that Art will be a serious subject to teach as I was under the impression that it could only be an extra-curricular activity.

This news was very unexpected today. I knew I would hear soon but not today!

It is very motivational to be able to know specifically where I am going and makes this whole journey seem so real now. I will be training extra hard for my Sponsored Bicycle Ride now! Not long to go... 

Any support however big or small makes all the difference to my fundraising.

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