Friday, 31 May 2013

Bicycle Ride Practice.


Today my sister Georgina and I planned a 25 mile bicycle ride around the surrounding areas that we live.

Our 25 miles ended up to be 30.84 miles as we slightly misjudged the planning but this was good practice to test how far we could go. 

We will need to by cycling just over 50 miles for the three days we are cycling. (18th-20th June)

I can confidently say that Norfolk DOES have hills! We have decided that gradual hills are worse than steep hills as when you're at the top of a hill it usually ends up going down (stating the obvious!) whereas a gradual hill is just so painful. It gets slowly steeper and steeper then never really stops and never ends up going down again. It just eventually straightens out with no free-wheeling to recover!

If you would like to support our Sponsored Bicycle Ride and my 12 months teaching in Uganda any donations would be hugely appreciated by clicking on the link below.

Also a massive thank you to everybody who has supported me and donated so far. It is so lovely to know that people are interested and getting involved with my soon-to-be 12 months in Kyenjojo, West Uganda. 

It is only 92 days until I leave (date unconfirmed but I have been told the 1st September) which is very exciting yet at the same time I cannot believe how quickly it is approaching. Each day it is feeling more and more real!

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