Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Sponsored Bicycle Ride. 18th-20th June.

First very exhausting training!
I am going to be cycling 160 miles in June 18th-20th June around Norfolk to raise funds for my 12 months in Uganda teaching under-privileged children.

For those who don't know me very well, I am never found in the gym or doing any type of exercise! I will always choose my paint brushes over a bike or a hockey pitch! So for me this is a huge challenge to get my fitness up for my 160 miles in June. My sister, Georgina, enjoys exercise and will be cycling the whole route with me which I am very appreciative of (the route will mostly be on B roads as they should be safer!). I have started training at school in the cardio room on the stationary bikes and today, as the sun was out for the first time we went for our first bicycle ride.

We completed 8.4 miles in 45 minutes with a rather challenging hill at the end! This is a long way from the 50 miles a day we will be doing. We have been kitted up with some lovely fluorescent helmets and bright pink high visibility vests!
 I will keep progress of our training updated on my blog. 

I have a couple more months to go so please support us, however big or small at:

Me and my sister Georgina.

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