Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Weather in Uganda.

Recently I have been checking the weather online in Uganda. For the past month it has literally only shown storms and lightening but it is also very hot and humid! I think it will be very odd to be living in conditions where it is very hot but with thunderstorms.

Uganda is one of the most active parts of the world for thunderstorms and I'm sure they will be quite different to ones here in England. Also, I will admit that I am not a huge fan of thunder! So it may take me a little while to get used to these thunderstorms - if I get used to them at all that is...!

The area that experiences the most thunderstorm days in the world is northern Lake Victoria in Uganda.

In Kampala thunder is heard on average 242 days of the year, although the actual storms usually hover over the lake and do not strike the city itself.

My 160 mile bicycle ride is coming up quickly, on the 18th-20th June. Have been continuing to train for it and am getting into a good routine with regular trips to the cardio room! Any support given however big or small would be greatly appreciated.


Thursday, 25 April 2013

Thank you!

Just to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone who has donated to support my year in Uganda and for my bicycle ride. It really means a lot to have so many peoples support. I will not let you down! Firstly I  need to get past the first challenge of my bicycle ride with Georgina and then the next step is my Training (20th-24th July) then the big one - Uganda! I will be hearing in about a week more details of my year in Uganda, I can't wait to find out and to let everybody else know too.

So I am now over the £3,000 mark which is a lovely feeling. Still got a way to go (need £5,400) but i'm over half way. I'm starting to get rather attached to the red thermometer on my Virgin Money Giving Page... I've watched it grow up! Haha. :')

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Cycling and other things!

On Sunday Georgina and I went on another bike ride. We cycled about 15 miles and had no problem with this. We shall go further next weekend. We had a bit of a mix up with the mileometer though. It had changed to Kilometres instead of miles so we were happy and surprised when we thought that we had cycled 24 miles but in fact had only done 15!! Oh well. 

I have been doing a lot of cycling in the Cardio room at school which is a lot more challenging than cycling outside as it is very easy to want to stop cycling as there isn't anything interesting to look at! Bare walls are not very motivational! However when cycling this weekend I could really feel the benefit, especially on the hills. And dare I say it, I actually rather enjoyed my weekends cycle... The sun could have been a contributing factor! Georgina has been playing lots of tennis at school. 

I am very busy balancing A-Levels at the moment. Tomorrow I start my Photography exam which is 12 hours, so I do 5 hours tomorrow, 5 hours on Thursday and 2 hours on Friday. Then I would have completed one whole A-Level which I am finding very odd as it means I am coming closer to the end of my time at Wymondham College which is sad but on the upside, means that I am closer to my Training in Coll and then the departure for Uganda! I had my last photography lesson yesterday as well! Then I will have exactly 2 weeks until my Fine Art exam - again, 12 hours. I will be extremely sad to finish my Art as I seem to have spend most of my 7 years at Wymondham College in the art rooms!

Day by day I am getting even more excited for Uganda. I have absolutely zero% doubt about it. In the early stages last September when I was sorting out my Art College applications, I had a few worries, thinking maybe I should just go straight to Art College but time has flown by and Project Trust are very good at keeping in touch and sending us all newsletters etc. Then talking to people who have been to Uganda or have friends and family who have been to Uganda or even just to Africa have said it is an amazing country. I know it will be such a fantastic year! When I did my presentation for the Old Wymondhamians Travel Award I was asked what I was looking forward to the most and what I was worried about the most. It sounds silly but I had not really thought about it. Everything seems exciting so to narrow it down was difficult. One of the main motivational points about my Gap Year is that it is for a full 12 months, that is what excites me the most as I can completely immerse myself in the culture and community. What worries me the most? Surprisingly I can't really think of anything. Nothing immediate pops to mind. Maybe the food? I have read about the food and it seems that stews are popular and they waste absolutely no meat. Which means who knows what I could be eating!! And someone told me that whilst in Uganda they had to eat a kebab made of goat intestines... So I may have to be quite open minded about what I eat but it is all part of the experience... maybe!

I would really appreciate any support possible for my Sponsored Bicycle Ride with my sister which will contribute to my much needed funds of £5,400. Thank you.


Friday, 19 April 2013

Information on Uganda.

This is a really good website if you want to learn more about Uganda. It covers many topics from Art to Politics. I  have learnt quite a lot from reading it.


Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Uganda Update

I have been told that in about 3 weeks I will get a lot more specific information about where I will be living and teaching in Uganda. I am very excited to learn more specifically about where I will be going as so far, just saying Uganda has been quite vague! 

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Sponsored Bicycle Ride Update.


Georgina and I have been doing lots of cycling in preparation for our Sponsored Bicycle Ride in June. The wind has been our enemy! The wind has been very strong making training a lot more exhausting but it is probably very good to strengthen our muscles. It has also been nice and sunny this week which has made it more enjoyable to be outside doing exercise!

I have always thought that Norfolk was flat but it seems that there are actually quite a lot of hills. Not exactly mountains like you might find in Scotland... but at least once you get to the top, there is always the thought of looking forward to the free-wheeling back down!


Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Sponsored Bicycle Ride. 18th-20th June.

First very exhausting training!
I am going to be cycling 160 miles in June 18th-20th June around Norfolk to raise funds for my 12 months in Uganda teaching under-privileged children.

For those who don't know me very well, I am never found in the gym or doing any type of exercise! I will always choose my paint brushes over a bike or a hockey pitch! So for me this is a huge challenge to get my fitness up for my 160 miles in June. My sister, Georgina, enjoys exercise and will be cycling the whole route with me which I am very appreciative of (the route will mostly be on B roads as they should be safer!). I have started training at school in the cardio room on the stationary bikes and today, as the sun was out for the first time we went for our first bicycle ride.

We completed 8.4 miles in 45 minutes with a rather challenging hill at the end! This is a long way from the 50 miles a day we will be doing. We have been kitted up with some lovely fluorescent helmets and bright pink high visibility vests!
 I will keep progress of our training updated on my blog. 

I have a couple more months to go so please support us, however big or small at:

Me and my sister Georgina.

Thank you

I would just like to thank the support of some ex Wymondham College students. It is great that you are interested in what I am doing in Uganda and I will try to keep my blog updated as much as I can!