Friday, 8 March 2013

International Women's Day

It is the 8th March and today is International Women's Day.

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Uganda is one of just 27 countries where International Women’s Day is an official, public holiday. Both men and women have the day off from work and participate in events, such as the IWD Festival Uganda, to celebrate women. The IWD Festival aims to bring together women from every culture and walk of life to celebrate all that women have to offer. Each year the Festival embraces a theme. This year the event will focus on: 50 years of Independence in Uganda….How independent is the Ugandan Woman? – A retrospective of the past 50 years, present and future.

Ugandan Women: Challenged by Customs.

While Uganda has made significant progress in promoting and protecting the rights and dignity of women, a myriad ofcustomary practices among the Ugandan people contradict the country’s laws against discrimination and violence toward women. Enforcement of the laws is lax and the deeply rooted patriarchal traditions are slow to change. For example, the legal age for marriage is 18, but arranged marriages for girls as young as 15 are common. Recently enacted laws against domestic violence have done little to change women’s circumstances. It is estimated that more than half of Ugandan women have suffered domestic violence at the hands of their partners.
Daily chores are typically completed by women, sometimes with help from the children. In addition to cooking and laundry, women also typically work the land and fetch the water—both of which often require hours of walking to and from the fields or the well. Most women did not complete secondary school and lack vocational skills that would open up more opportunities to them. 

This is a website I found about women in Uganda who have pushed hard to make change, showing that women can be powerful and change the way people think.

Also women are participating more in sport showing a competitive side. This website shows the Top 10 Most Influential Women in Ugandan Sport.  

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