Friday, 29 March 2013

Facts about Uganda.


These are some facts that I researched about Uganda for my presentation. I hope that you find them interesting to read!

General information about Uganda.

•Uganda borders several countries: Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan and Tanzania.

•Achieved independence on the 9th October 1962 (from the UK). 

•Its population is 33,640,833.

•Uganda holds part of Lake Victoria, which is the largest lake in Africa and the second largest lake in the world.

•Agriculture is the most important sector of the economy, employing over 80% of the work force.

Health in Uganda.

The life expectancy in Uganda is 54 years old.

Under 5 mortality rate -             12.5 % 

Percent of population ages
      15-49 with HIV                               6.7% 

Current number of children
      who were orphaned by AIDS -     1,200,000

•Uganda has the third highest death rate from malaria in Africa.

Education in Uganda.

•Uganda has the highest school dropout rate in East Africa.

•Adult literacy rate -             73 % 

•Youth literacy rate -              87 %

•Drop-out rate of primary school students -         68.2 %

Percent of population who use the internet -       13 %

There are 7 years in Ugandan education. A survey that followed 100 pupils starting in Primary One showed that only 25% of them managed to remain in school to reach Primary Seven.

Primary School is the biggest drop out age.

Over one million pupils who enrolled for Primary One under the Universal Primary Education (UPE) did not reach Primary Seven meaning a 71% drop out rate

My Goals.

•To enthuse that education is a good, fun and beneficial experience and that my classes will continue to the next Primary Year.

•For my class to have a strong and confident use of the English language, as English is rapidly becoming a vital language in the business world and communication, preventing them from further poverty and a better chance for a job.

•To develop a deeper awareness of a different culture and when returning to England to have a different understanding and knowledgeable outlook on life.

•I hope to contribute to thecommunity and be a helping hand wherever needed.

•To set up extra-curricular activities such as Art, Drama and Music.

•To be much more independent and resourceful in life.

These facts about education are a strong reason why I want to be teaching in Uganda. I will hopefully (I find out for definite in May) be Primary School teaching. I opted for Primary School Teaching as it is the largest area of children dropping out of school and I hope to encourage the classes I teach to be determined to carry on with their education and see it through to the end.
To relieve poverty in these poorer, rural areas if Uganda (and in the whole of Africa) it is vital for children to grow up with a strong education enabling them to be qualified to get jobs and bring income into their area. Agriculture is 80% of rural income so although this needs to continue, to develop faster and compete with the rest of the world moving at its fast pace, education and jobs, being able to speak and write good English is very important.

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