Thursday, 17 January 2013

First Cake Sale

The boarding house that I lived in for 4 years and have been connected to for 7 years kindly let me hold a cake sale on the 15th January.

It went very well and in 20 minutes all the cakes were sold and I raised £53.00.
I am planning on doing a cake sale every Tuesday around the different boarding houses. Next week Cavell!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Welcome to my blog!
Thank you for visiting my blog! Here I will up-date my fundraising activities and hopefully when I am in Uganda I will occasionally have the opportunity to find some internet and keep you up-dated with my year there.

Alongside the charity Project Trust, I will be spending 12 months in Uganda as a volunteer teaching Ugandan children English, Maths, Science and strongly encouraging Art, Drama and Music. The main subject I will be teaching is English as in Africa there is a shortage of English teachers. I will be benefiting the children by assisting their learning of the English Language, as day by day, English is becoming a stronger and more widely acknowledged language and a language that is becoming vital to speak. I have a passion for art and really hope I can bring them together to experience the diversity of it.

I will be living in a small local community and will be helping in any way I am needed, such as conservation in the surrounding areas and bringing them together to teach them extra-curricular activities and English to the local families.
Ugandan Flag

So how can you get involved?

Obviously to volunteer overseas in Uganda I need to raise some funds. The total amount is £5,400.

I will be doing a large amount of fundraising in my school but I really want everyone to share my experience in Uganda. This year overseas is not a selfish one and with your help of giving a donation, your contribution will help me share my skills of the English language and be picked up in Uganda to children who do not have the facilities that we have in England. Your money will contribute to a chance to educate and enhance the academic and creative side of their lives. As I mentioned before, English is quickly becoming a very important language both for business and communication. Uganda is a small country and to help and educate the young will surely improve their prospects.

Children in Uganda
Please visit my Virgin Money Giving and donate, however big or small you may wish. It will be truly appreciated and you can have the satisfaction that you are contributing to the education of those in Uganda who need it.

I am also selling my photography. Please feel free to have a look and to contact me if you are interested in purchasing any.

When I come back from Uganda I will defiantly be filling this website with photos and stories of my year volunteering.

Project Trust.

Project Trust is based on the Island of Coll in the Hebrideans - off the west coast of Scotland. I went there for a one week Selection Course that included different activities to test us and see if we were capable of spending a year volunteering overseas. We had activities that were teamwork, individual lessons and presentations that we had to give to our group and various outdoor work. It was a challenging but extremely enjoyable week and enabled me to get to know the staff and character of Project Trust.

The overseas projects are in countries that Project Trust feel could really benefit from our input and they make sure that as volunteers, we are adding value to their community and that our job would never deprive a local person from work.

Project Trust

Isle of Coll